Thursday, March 24, 2011

Common traits of Korean dramas

From watching all these dramas, I have noticed certain trends in the story lines. Our American dramas may have these trends also, but I feel our shows are a little more diverse. 

* Physical displays of affection are a big deal. The first kiss is a huge deal, even holding hands and hugging causes characters to blush profusely. I feel like it is a society full of sexual frustration. It is cute and innocent most of the time, but after watching American movies and tv shows, it's frustrating not seeing more physical contact.
* They love gossip! Everyone knows everyone else's personal business. Word travels fast via text and mouth.
* There is always an issue with money. Either somebody borrows a large sum of money, money is stolen, or someone is poor and they are desperately trying to earn money, usually to pay off a debt.
*  There is usually one character who is head over heels for another and shamelessly pursues them. In the end they usually end up together. Apparently stalkers are not considered creepy in South Korea. 9 times out of 10, a strange circumstance brings 2 people together and they start out disliking each other and grow closer as the drama progresses.
* Marriage is a huge deal. They usually go on blind dates to find their one and only. Also, generally, one family doesn't approve of the relationship or the social standing of one character. Everyone wants to marry someone with money, or who will be getting a good inheritance.
* Parents hit their adult children. Often this is used as comic relief. The parents often hit their children on the head or back when they have disappointed or aggravated them. Sometimes kitchen utensils or other household items are used, but the favorite is a good smacking with their hands.

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